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Plumbing Leak Detection La Jolla

Serving La Jolla with over 30 years of leak detection experience on the job. This is crucial since detecting leaks in piping systems has always been one of the more challenging services in the plumbing industry.  Correctly diagnosing leaking systems can be elusive at times and nothing will save you time or money like having a leak detection professional heading the investigation.

Our Leak Detection Experts Will:

  • Utilize the Latest Technology – including thermal imaging camera, epoxy pipelining solutions, boroscopes and other equipment to get the job right the first time.
  • Be Thorough – utilizing everything from visual inspections to the latest imaging technology, our techs will root out the source of your leaking system and provide documented solutions for your predicament.
  • Provide Long Term Solutions – our epoxy repairs fix  leaking plumbing systems  and  offer the longest warranty in the industry. Look for Low Impact Solutions – epoxy pipe lining, if appropriate, is less invasive, less noisy than replacement, allowing business to go on as usual.
  • Mind the Bottom Line – we want to solve your problem in the most cost effective way possible, epoxy pipe lining is often 30-50% less than conventional repairs or repiping.
  • Pay Attention to the Environment – all our leak repair solutions are “Green” friendly.
  • Be Professional – above all else, our staff is professional and courteous with each client.

Why Are We the Best in San Diego Leak Detection?

If the cost savings, time savings, and our low-impact features aren’t enough, you also get the best warranty in the industry from San Diego Leak Detection. While other plumbing companies are still cutting holes in the walls or tearing up the floor to figure out what and where the leak is, we will have already accurately located every plumbing failure imaginable without ever cutting or drilling a hole and often repairing the leak with our less invasive methods. Call us for an estimate for your leaking system and let us show you how effective our leak detection services can be!

Detected a slab leak in our foundation
and saved us $$$ in costs down the road!"


$249 BASIC
Residential Interior only, no
multi-unit or commercial
or exterior.

"Great Staff! I really appreciate the steps
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San Diego’s most trusted and reliable leak detection company.