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What is Pipe Relining?

What is Pipe Relining?

Pipe relining is the process involved in inserting a new pipe, liner material, or coating right into the remains of an old damaged one. Trenchless technology in repairing buried pipes is of an immense financial and emotional benefit to homeowners. Pipe relining does not involve any construction or tearing out of flooring or walls, is affordable, fast, non-invasive and convenient. Pipe relining is the perfect solution for pipes that may have only a portion damaged or tiny pinhole leaks.


Tree roots growing into sewer lines are an increasing problem with the San Diego drought. Trees are thirsty and your sewer lines are where they might be finding their source of water. We also experience scale buildup from calcium and other water additives over time. Copper and most metals increase scale buildup with age and that decreases the diameter of the pipe which restricts flow. Pipes can also corrode, or become broken during nearby construction services or by your own attempts at landscaping. The good news is that damaged pipes don’t always need a complete replacement.

We use a variety of methods for relining pipes such as epoxy lining, pull-in-place liner, inversion or CIPP liner, spray liner, or blown-in coating. We offer a lifetime workmanship warranty and use only the highest quality materials. Call Best San Diego Leak Detection today: 800-738-5325.

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