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Are you experiencing signs of a leaking pipe system like increased water bills, water noises running in your walls or a hot spot in your flooring?  Or worse yet, are you ignoring these critical signs? Slab leaks are typically pinhole leaks that occur within or underneath your foundation as the concrete begins to deteriorate. This may not sound like much more than a nuisance, but these pinhole leaks can evolve; water pushes toward the path of least resistance leading to foundation cracks, water discoloration, warped flooring, mildewed carpet and various other types of expensive damage.

Slab Leak Symptoms:

  • Increased Water Bills – if there’s no visible evidence of a leak, it could be a slab leak.
  • Cracks in Walls and Ceilings – may indicate that the home foundation has moved or cracked as a result of a slab leak.
  • Mildew or Excessive Moisture – on or under carpet might indicate a crack in the foundation and leaking pipes.
  • Running Water in Walls or Flooring – can be an indicator of a slab leak.
  • Floor Hot Spots – where hot water lines may be leaking and causing temperature differentiation.
  • A Continuously Clogged Drain – it is possible that a sewer line pipe under the slab has separated, cracked or broken due to the movement of the slab floor.

If you suspect you’re experiencing a slab leak, the sooner you act the better!

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If you think you’re experiencing a slab leak on your property, contact San Diego Leak Detection immediately for an investigation of your situation including a written estimate of the leaking system and the most effective repair available. And remember, with any leak, the sooner you act the better!

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