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Plumbing Leak Detection San Diego

Water pipe leaks are an increasing cause of homeowner insurance claims today thanks to continuous usage of aging systems.  Corrosion that takes hold in your water systems can lead to systemic damage, cracking, pipe bursts and eventually flooding.  Getting to these leaks in their infancy is crucial if you’re to minimize the structural and financial impact water leaks can cause. At San Diego Leak Detection, our techs are water system experts capable of finding leaking components throughout your property’s systems.  We use a variety of testing processes including odor detection, visual inspections, thermal imaging of walls, foundations and more, to identify degraded piping elements.  We can even detect water main leaks that may be impacting the water supply throughout your entire piping system. Call us for an estimate for your leaking water system – most repairs can be completed the same day!

What is Leak Detection?

  • The sound of running water when no water should be running – you could have a slab leak
  • A warm or hot spot on the floor could be the indication of a hot water slab leak
  • If you observe cracks in the wall, doorways or floors it could be damage resulting from a slab leak
  • Mysterious moisture, excessive moisture or mildew under carpets, vinyl floors and walls could indicate a slab leak
  • High water bills could also indicate a slab leak, or a leak in your irrigation, pool or plumbing under the slab.
  • Our techs combine over 30 years of leak detection experience with the latest technology technological aides to find and repair water leaks while they are still just a nuisance.


What if I’m in the Middle of a Flood?

Call us now and get some help!  24 hours a day, 365 days a year we have someone answering our phones to ensure you aren’t left in an emergency situation without any assistance. At San Diego Leak Detection, our processes provide quick and affordable solutions during any emergency.

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