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Underground Leak Detection

Leaking systems often are easy to get to – but sometimes they occur underground or in other difficult places that can make determining the extent of your leak a challenge.  Fortunately, the leak detection team at San Diego Leak Detection are experts at sourcing and deciphering the extent of leaking systems underground. The most common signals that you have an underground leaking system are water bubbles within the soil or a persistent dampened area that seeps (liquid) from underneath.  It wasn’t long ago that these situations called for a shovel or tractor to help dig down to the failing line and replace any damaged piping with little to no regard for the impact that the work had on the property.  Fortunately, the technology of detecting leaks and repairing failing systems has gotten much more sophisticated in recent years!

Low Impact Solutions for Your Underground Leaks

Today, ultrasonic and thermal imaging equipment designed to identify and quantify the extent of your leak are powerful tools in the hands of a well-trained technician.  If the team of leak experts at San Diego Leak Detection determines that you have you an underground leak in your piping system, we will provide a complete writeup of the compromised system and the solutions available to you – all of course completed without overturning your property’s landscaping!

Don’t Let Your Leaking System Get Worse Than It Already Is

If you have signs that your plumbing system might be compromised and in need of repair, NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT!  Water travels the path of least resistance and can move through cracks, expansion lines and old trench lines creating more damage as it goes.  Don’t take a chance on turning a minor situation into a catastrophe when the team at San Diego Leak Detection is standing at the ready to deal with your underground leak today!

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