Restoring Pipes with Pipe Relining

Restoring Pipes with Pipe Relining

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Pipe relining for sewer lines can repair cracks without having to completely replace them or destroy the area around them. If your sewer lines are beneath trees, near extensive landscaping, sidewalks, driveways or other semi-permanent features, total sewer excavation can cause a great deal of damage and expense to the surrounding area. Pipe relining is a great alternative.

Relining pipes can be done using a variety of methods and is determined first by the type of leak that is found. Epoxy coating is perfect for a partial leak. To prepare the area for treatment, drain the pipes will be completely drained to get rid of any water. Then, a thick layer of epoxy coating is sprayed on the inside of your pipes to permanently seal the leaks and cracks throughout the pipeline. Pull-in-place is the best lining method for pipes that have larger gaps and cracks. The material is fixed into the pipe using heat, like steam then pulled into the area of the pipe that needs repair. Air is then introduced into the pipe to open the sleeve and hold it against the inner walls of the pipe until it dries in place.

These are just a few methods we use for relining pipes. We are also skilled professionals with inversion or CIPP liner, spray liner, or blown-in coating. All of these pipe relining techniques leave behind a smooth, seamless pipe that is designed to last for generations. Call Best San Diego Leak Detection today: 800-738-5325.

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