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Leak Detection Services

Different leaks require different detection methods. With our advanced cutting-edge techniques, and years of experience, Best San Diego Leak Detection can be trusted to diagnose your leaking problem. It has been said that leak detection is half art and half science. The most modern, state-of-the- art imaging equipment can only be used successfully when there is a technician trained and experienced in interpreting the readings. Best San Diego Leak Detection employs highly trained technicians that stay current with technology and work daily to keep their abilities sharp. Another reason Best San Diego Leak Detection is set apart as your number one leak investigation company.

Our Services Include:

  • Color Sewer Camera
  • Thermal Imaging Camera
  • Electronic Leak Detection
  • Tub-Shower Riser Pressure Test
  • Gas Detection
  • Water Detection
  • Odor Detection
  • Water Intrusions
  • Shower Pan and Bottom Testing

Why are we the best in San Diego leak detection?

If the cost savings, time savings and low impact “features” aren’t enough – you also get the best warranty in the industry from San Diego Leak Detection.  While other plumbing companies are still cutting holes in the walls or tearing up the floor to figure out what the problem might be, we will have accurately located every plumbing failure imaginable without ever cutting or drilling a hole and often repairing the leak with our lesser/least invasive methods. Call us for an estimate for your leaking system and let us show you how effective our leak detection services can be!

Detected a slab leak in our foundation
and saved us $$$ in costs down the road!"


$249 BASIC
Residential Interior only, no
multi-unit or commercial
or exterior.

"Great Staff! I really appreciate the steps
you take to only employ the best!"


Our Stellar Reputation

San Diego’s most trusted and reliable leak detection company.

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