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Leak Repair Services

We specialize in residential and commercial leak repair services with a wide range of solutions for a variety of plumbing issues. Plumbing fixtures, water heater repair, sewer line replacements, and commercial facility re-piping are just some of the services our team of experts provide. At Best San Diego Leak Detection, we've seen just about every plumbing emergency you can imagine, making us your number one choice for fast and efficient repair.

Why you might need leak detection service and pipe leak repair:

  • Clogged Toilets and Drains: Chances are good you have a pipe that is obstructed when your sinks and toilets start to drain slower than normal. If clogs are not taken care of quickly, they can lead to leaks and further costly repair.
  • Shifting/Aging Pipes: Worn pipes simply don’t work as well as newer ones. Rust, roots and deterioration can lead to crevices and cracks, so have your pipes replaced when necessary to avoid having to pay for costly emergency service.
  • Overflowing Drainage Pans: Your home’s HVAC system uses drain pans, which can overflow if they are not watched and serviced regularly.
  • Sediment and Rust in Water Heaters: All the plumbing that leads out of and into your water heater can start to break down and rust. If sediment gets into the valves and filters of your water heater, they can become blocked.

Why are we the best in San Diego leak detection?

If the cost savings, time savings and low impact “features” aren’t enough – you also get the best warranty in the industry from San Diego Leak Detection.  While other plumbing companies are still cutting holes in the walls or tearing up the floor to figure out what the problem might be, we will have accurately located every plumbing failure imaginable without ever cutting or drilling a hole and often repairing the leak with our lesser/least invasive methods. Call us for an estimate for your leaking system and let us show you how effective our leak detection services can be!

Detected a slab leak in our foundation
and saved us $$$ in costs down the road!"


$249 BASIC
Residential Interior only, no
multi-unit or commercial
or exterior.

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